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Starting a Wade Whimsie Collection

With car boot sales and internet auction sites, sourcing whimsies has never been easier. You can start by collecting a particular set and then move onto the next set,  or if you are like me, buy everything that you can get your hands on that doesn’t already feature in your Whimsie collection.

Mint Whimsies v Collection Fillers

Whimsie purists will only accept Wades if they are 100% mint, for which they will pay up to and beyond the standard book price, as they are becoming rarer by the second. Most collectors, however, will look for the mint pieces, whilst building their collections with collection fillers (Wade Whimsies that are not 100% mint). Whimsies are one of the very few collectables where there have only two conditions, Mint and Collection Filler. If a Whimsie is damaged in any way, it shouldn’t be described as Excellent Condition or Very Good or good condition, even if you need a magnifying glass to see the tiny, minute chip, as unless it is in mint condition, its only value is as a shelf-filler until a mint replacement comes along.

Value of Whimsie Collection Fillers

Strictly speaking, a damaged Wade Whimsie holds no real monetary value, although collectors will sometimes pay as much for a Collection Filler as for a Mint Whimsie, just to add to, or to complete their collection. The level of damage, the age, and the importance of the piece to a collection, determines a Collection Filler’s value. 

Online Wade Whimsie Database

This site features a searchable online Wade Whimsie database, free to use to anyone visiting the site.  The information in the searchable online  Whimsie database features the name of the Whimsie, the Set it belongs to, whether it is a rare piece or not, a description of the Whimsie, the Mint Book Price (The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Wade Whimsical Collectables by Pat Murray), the value of the whimsie as a collection filler, first year of manufacture, as well as the height and width of the whimsies. At present, there are over 700 whimsies on the online Whimsie database, although the database is building day by day.

If you cannot find the Wade Whimsie that you are looking for, please feel free to drop me an email with the details of the Whimsie, or a picture, and I’ll be happy to investigate it for you, at no charge to you.

Enjoy viewing the site, using the data base and the forum and come back often, as we will be adding new pages every week.

Wade Whimsies Online

Wade Whimsies are small glazed porcelain figurines.
Whimsies are highly collectable and have a wide
following throughout the world, and are one of the few
ceramic collectables that transcends age, race and sex. It doesn’t matter if you live in the UK or the USA, whether you are 8 or 80, male or female, you can start a Wade Whimsie Collection at any time.

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